DJ's Nubian Bucks

*B DJ's Creek Real McCoy

Date of Birth: 3/16/14

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Our first buck retained on our farm. This boy has the genetics to give you all you want. Milk, Show, and Personality.

*B Goddard Farm Husker Power

Date of Birth: 5/21/2013

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Out of Goddard Farm Blushing Penny: 3*M APRIL 12 - 2011==========2-00, 298, 2410, 4.4% 105 LBS., 3.9% 93 LBS.3-00, 305, 3380, 4.0% 135 LBS., 3.6% 123 LBS.================PENNY IS AN ADGA 2011 PERFORMACE BREED LEADER - 8TH. PLACE ON MILK AND 9TH. PLACE ON PROTEINVOLUME # 58

If you are looking to increase your milk production this is our young buck to get the job done.

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Desert Diamond Duel Chances

Date of Birth: 04/04/2015

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This buck has milk running from his ears. Check out his amazing pedigree then add some kids to your herd.

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