DJ's Creek Farm

Farm Fresh Products From Our Family to Yours

DJ's Creek Farm is located in Frontier County, NE on Andrea's family homestead. We are 5th generation American farmers, owning and operating the same land since the early 1900's. 

DJ's Creek Farm

DJ's Creek Farm works hard to bring you quality products and services while maintaining excellent conservation practices for the next generations. We are proud to be American farmers and your choice in agricultural products."

The Beginning

DJ's Creek Farm began in 2009 as a 4-H project for our children. After losing our oldest son, Tyson Avery, that June, we decided as a family to allow our two younger children, Dillon and Amelia, to branch into the areas of farming that interested them the most. Dillon chose goats and Amelia chose pigs. From there, our project turned into a full time job for Andrea and a part time job for the kids on weekends and during the summer. At only 15 and 13 years of age, our children are already making their own money to fund their college educations!

Nubian and Boar Goats

In 2011, we added Nubian dairy goats to our farm. Dillon purchased his first two goats from Goddard Farms in Lecompton, KS. In August of 2012, we purchased eight more Nubian does from Dr. John Carver of Edmund, KS after learning that he was retiring due to health reasons.

Aside from Nubians, Dillon also runs a commercial Boar goat herd of 27 head with babies arriving twice a year. Some of his herd is registered with the ABGA, which allows him to show his goats in 4-H and FFA. This also allows him to earn extra income to help cover the costs of raising goats! Each year Dillon puts his profits toward his college education. He is hoping to go into medicine, though he hasn't yet decided if he prefers humans or animals!

Hampshire and Yorkshire Pigs

Amelia runs 4 sows and 2 boars. They are all show quality pigs with Hampshire and Yorkshire bloodlines. Her goal is to farrow out 4-6 litters per year. She works with American Butchers of Beaver City, NE to process her pork and market her hogs. Amelia also shows a couple market hogs every year in 4-H.

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