Farm Fresh Products from the Creek

Goat's Milk

Goat's MilkFarm fresh goat's milk is available for pickup from the farm only.  Please contact us if you need directions to pickup your milk.  Thank you.

Goat Meat

Goat Meat About twice a year Dillon has young meat goats that are available for butcher. Contact us for reservation of a goat to be processed and delivered to you or picked up live from our farm. If you choose to have it processed, we recommend American Butchers in Beaver City, NE. They process to your liking and will ship anywhere. We offer free delivery to Beaver City. Watch our News section for availability.


Fresh Pork

Fattened on just corn, soybeans, minerals and marshmallows (for love), these pigs produce some of the best pork. Our farm fresh pork is processed by American Butchers in Beaver City, NE. You can purchase your pork by the quarter, half or whole and have it processed to your liking. American Butchers can ship your pork to you and we offer free delivery to Beaver City. Contact us for current pricing and availability. More hogs will be available Late Dec/Early Jan and again in Late Feb/ Early March.

Goat's Milk Soap

Goat's milk soap

We make our soap with rich goat’s milk and a luxurious blend of natural oils and moisturizing botanicals, nourishing your skin while cleansing. Our soap goes through a minimum 8 week soapification process and can be un-dyed for your benefit. We now offer over 24 different soap scents and oil combinations with more coming weekly. Feel free to custom order in volume or for special occasions as party favors. A complete list of ingredients is available upon request. Check our News section for availability. To order direct please check out our webstore on Etsy. Listed as Sayer Soapworks  Shop Now

Seasonal Goodies

Homemade Products

We offer a variety of different foods throughout the year. Keep an eye on our News section to see what is available. 

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